Take an outside-in perspective to find the key problem you want to own. Adapt your current products or services accordingly.


With this new paradigm shift in mind, determine the 20 percent of your capabilities that drives at least 70 percent of your business value.


Identify the repetitive tasks in the remaining 80% of your capabilities that can be better and more profitably handled by software bots.


Orchestrate your ecosystem of partners and customers to help you execute. Explosive growth companies don't — and can't — go it alone.


Capturing Opportunities for Explosive Growth

Most companies are optimized for a competitive world that no longer exists. As a result, the “topple” rate is accelerating across industries. Just ask yourself: Are you facing more and new types of competitors? For most, the answer is yes.

Only 8 percent of companies capture well over 50 percent of the economic profit within their industry. The vast majority struggle to get even average growth rates.

So, how do you innovate to capture the greatest share of growth?

It is proven that RPA provides substantial ROI.
The real game changer is applying RPA to the correct innovation initiatives
so that the organization lowers cost while also moving it into the digital world.
Ralph Welborn
CEO of CapImpact, Author of 'Topple: The End of the Firm-Based Strategy
and the Rise of New Models for Explosive Growth'

Lessons from Explosive Growth Companies

Listen to Ralph Welborn, transformAI’s leader in Digital Innovation, discuss key takeaways for 21st century companies seeking innovative ways to create massive value in the global economy. The lessons are from his new book, 'Topple: The End of the Firm-Based Strategy and the Rise of New Models for Explosive Growth.'

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