Transforming Disconnected Youths Into Knowledge Workers

transformAI is proud to support PeopleShores, a for-profit social enterprise with a charter to bring technology driven jobs to the 'shores' of America’s economically challenged communities.

I am elated to partner with transformAI to accelerate our PeopleShores and RuralShores efforts.  
Providing high-quality RPA resources from our pool of opportunity youth helps us both tremendously.
Murali Vullaganti
Founder/CEO, PeopleShores

A Business Model Where Everyone Wins

PeopleShores empowers young adults in economically challenged communities by developing their professional skills and giving them employment with clear cut paths to long and successful careers.

This goal is achieved by opening tech-enabled delivery centers near target communities to employ these youths, while offering corporate clients critically needed business processing as an outsourced service.


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