Workday HR Performance Management Administrator

Vendor: transformAI, LLC
Version: 1.0
Description:  TheWorkday HR Performance Management Analyst, leveraging Workday’s Performance Management process, automates the updating of performance rating scores into Workday. All scores are updated effectively simultaneously so that integrity of the system of record (Workday) is maintained.  Configured for easy deployment with a Workday instance, this Digital Worker combines standard Workday functionality with data administration in Excel.
Values and Benefits:

Value to companies:
Accelerates and codifies the execution of a key optimization process of their most precious asset – their people.

Value to employees: HR Managers stop being data entry clerks, and can spend more time (a) optimizing the structure of the data for the company’s needs and (b) less time supporting the implementation of Workday.

  • Excel workbook manipulation and data extraction
  • Workday data upload
  • Outlook communications
  • Performance Management process tracking

  • Reading of the data structure in Excel
  • Uploading to Workday
  • Outlook message generation
  • Logging processing for confirmation and audit trail purposes
Systems and Applications: 
Performance management data accumulated in an Excel format.
Employee data structured in an Excel format.  

(Note: This is normally created as part of a Workday implementation.) 
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