transformAI demos at Oracle OpenWorld 2018

November 21, 2018

transformAI was pleased to be a part of Oracle OpenWorld 2018 with Automaton Anywhere. Several transformAI executives were in attendance at the Automation Anywhere (AA) booth in the San Francisco Moscone Center Exhibitor Hall.

The transformAI team showed a live demonstration of the latest “Quote to Cash” application that was recently deployed at a customer site utilizing Automation Anywhere’s technology.

The demonstration showed an AA digital worker utilizing Cisco’s Quoting Portal for quote verification, then using to add an opportunity and upload the appropriate quote. The opportunity was managed by salespeople and, once the opportunity was closed, the AA digital worker sent the invoice to both the customer and the local accounting system.

The Oracle OpenWorld event was attended by approximately 100,000 participants. Many of them stopped by the booth to discuss the benefits of robotics process automation (RPA) and how to implement digital transformation programs successfully.  The ability of transformAI to show a live demo was much appreciated and helped to explain the story of how best to get started and maintain momentum in the RPA journey.

The participants were also shown the latest IQBot cognitive capabilities and how IQBot can be used with enterprise RPA solutions to bring both cognitive and intelligent automation together seamlessly.


Update: transformAI at the Automation Anywhere Imagine Conference - Market Dynamics and Observations

Automation Anywhere Imagine Conference - Momentum is building for readily deployable Digital Workers. Business addressing value chain strategy as the RPA market is moving beyond the typical early adopter stages.

transformAI Partnership with Automation Anywhere - The Automation Anywhere’s Imagine conference in London

Automation Anywhere has a clear vision regarding leading in the RPA space, but are also very clear that their scope is product…the end. Therefore, the partner network is a key enabler to their growth strategy, and they expect to continue to invest heavily in developing and supporting their development and implementation partners. transformAI is proud to be a gold level implementation partner with Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere Launches Free Community Edition for Small Businesses, Developers and Students

“As a developer and deployer, having access to Community Edition will allow us to bring our automation expertise to more people and do it with speed,” said Mark Trepanier, chief operating officer of transformAI. “We are “creative heroes” for our clients, and this gives us the opportunity to leverage Automation Anywhere’s platform to build game-changing RPA technology solutions that could alter the course of business for us, and most importantly for our clients. ”Written by Automation Anywhere in Press on March 4, 2019


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