Are Your People Constraints Slowing Down Your Growth? Robotic Process Automation RPA Can Help

January 14, 2019

If you’ve even sniffed around Robotic Process Automation (RPA) you’ve read a lot about concepts like “governance” and “change management." Governance boils down to making sure you are doing the right things and the stakeholders agree. Change management is about communicating and responding to resistance to the implementation of a set of new technology deployments that an RPA strategy entails.

Sometimes what happens though is that nobody talks about the people.  RPA and related intelligent automation are driving significant and impactive transformation across industries.  And it is making a lot of people nervous too. Like any automation initiative, they eliminate work, and therefore, could result in eliminating people. That is a hard message but sometimes true.

Are People Constraints Slowing Down Your Growth?

But there is a bigger opportunity here, particularly for companies that are growing…or trying to grow. One challenge any company faces is scaling talent. More talent is needed in front, middle and back office functions to sustain the growing customer commitments, be they product or services based.  Since RPA can be quickly implemented (weeks and months, not months and years like traditional large systems implementations) it can solve a lot of smaller problems, the kind that consume so much of any organization’s talent.

For example, what does it take to get an order processed in your business?  Any minute a salesperson is processing an order they aren’t chasing the next one.  If you can apply RPA to automate more of the order processing, then you have suddenly scaled your sales organization.

Another example: If you have to apply a complex set of rules to initiate billing to customers, can a Bot be deployed to apply the rules? They’ll do it faster (and right every time), your billings will go out quicker, and you will create some additional cash flow…you guessed it…to help scale your business. And the talent doing billing now will become available to focus on the real exception billing, or can turn their attention to collections. You’ve just scaled again.

So, in RPA, don’t forget about the people. RPA can replace people, that’s true.  But the biggest RPA ROIs come from when you can let your people add more value to help the business grow.

Apply RPA and you help resolve the talent constraint, and watch your business scale.


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